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In the city of Bangalore, India Bangalore City Police (BCP) is the most leading enforcer of the law and order of the city. Under the Karnataka State Police Jurisdiction BCP works.

The Bangalore City Police comprises of foot patrols, traffic patrols, mobile patrols, and mobile units of armed striking force network in the city. The Bangalore City Police jurisdiction is separated into seven areas namely East, West, North, South, Central, South-East and North-East. Each zone is again bifurcated into three sub-divisions, every subdivision lead by Assistant Police Commissioner. Each sub-division has a number of police stations under it, which are lead by Police inspectors.There are many other units which come under the Police of Bangalore City such like City Armed Reserve (CAR), Traffic Police, and Airport Security responsible for providing total security of HAL or Bangalore Airport, City Special Branch (CSB), City Crime Branch (CCB), and City Crime Records Bureau (CCRB).

The Police of Bangalore City control patrol more than 100 vehicular patrols named as Hoysala mainly known after the name of the kingdom which spanned over most of Karnataka state in the medieval times.There are very less Indian police departments which use BlackBerry phones and they are the Police of Bangalore City and Kochi Police departments.In the state of Karnataka Bangalore City Police department was the first police department which established in the year of 1963. The first police commissioner of the Bangalore city police department was of Deputy Police Inspector General rank. Today, Bangalore City Police comprises of Law and Order police stations numbering 104 and Traffic Police Stations numbering 39 which include two police stations which are all-women. Mainly the Commissioner of the Police Department is the Chief of the Bangalore City Police. Additional Director of the Police is the Commissioner of the police and is supported by four Additional Police Commissioners, 18 Deputy Commissioners and one Joint Police Commissioner. An IPS officer is presently the Police Commissioner of Bangalore police department.

Cyber Crime Police Station

The Beginning

The Cyber Crime Cell, Bangalore City Police Department had begun in Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, Bangalore for dealing Cyber Crimes, vide Govt. Notification No.HD 173 POP 99 dt.15-10-1999, headed by one Deputy Superintendent of Police and four Police Inspectors with staff supporting.The Cyber Crime Cell was announced as Cyber Crime Police Station vides Govt. Notification No. HD 173 POP 99, dated 13th September 2001. It has been notified accordingly in the Official Gazette of Karnataka, vides Part IV-A No.1840, on 22nd October 2001 and after that it started its operations.

Working Of Cyber Crime Police Station

The Cyber Crime Police Station has power of four Deputy Superintendents of Police and four Police Inspectors aided by staff supporting.A legal advisor with the same of rank of Deputy Director for Prosecution, assists the Police Officers on the every important legal issue. Deputy Director of Prosecution have legal adviser to assist the police officers on legal issues. Some time outside experts is also been asked for the technical and legal prerequisites. Superintendent of police is the supervisor of the cyber crime police station and its functions according to him, Deputy Inspector General of Police (Economic Offences) CID, Inspector General of Police (Economic Offences) CID under the complete guidance and control of Director General of Police, Department for Criminal Investigation, Training, Economic Offences and Special units, Bangalore.

Address Of Cyber Crime

COD Headquarters, Carlton House,
No 1 Palace Road,
Bangalore Tel: 22201026

Address And Contact Numbers of Bangalore City Police
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic)
Public Utility Building, MG Road Bangalore.

East: 25588566
West: 23592771

Police Commissioner
Mob: 98440-99707
Tel. No. 22260707 / 22256242

Help Lines Number

  • Accident: 103
  • Children: 1098
  • Emergency Help for entire Karnataka [Operation Sanjeevini]: 1062
  • HIV/AIDS: 1097
  • Janaagraha (civic amenities movement): 23330668 / 23542381
  • Kidney: 25204000
  • LPG (Gas) Leakage: 23349011
  • Snake Rescuer: Anees Ahmed: 99454-00002 / MK Mukund: 93413-24672
  • Senior Citizens: 1090
  • Women: 1099

Bangalore City Police Recruitment

This recruitment process adopted by the Karnataka police to interview, shortlist and recruit policemen has gained nationwide recognition with even Union Home Ministry commending the system and recommending the model to other States.This new process of recruitment of head constables, sub- inspector and constables, were introduced in 2010 by the recruitment wing of the police, it has not only eliminated middlemen but also lead down on corruption. This system of process has been so appreciated that many other states were shown interest in it.The Director General of police (Recruitment) told to one news paper “The Hindu” that the police from West Bengal had searched about the system. Karnataka model is already implemented by many states such like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and many more.The model comprises video-graphing examination and recruitment at all three levels.

Due to this system and regular process the corruption rate is down and it has been clearly recorded. Director General of police also maintained that there was a tendency among the people to put blame on others for low makes or for biased correction, now these systems are fine and give minimum chance to human interference. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is used in the physical examination module and endurance tests for running, examination has been taken as video-graphed and all answer sheets are based on the OMR format. The interview is also based on video-graphed so that its ensure transparency system and process.    

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