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Examination And Training

IPS Officers are appointed in two streams, one by departmental promotions and the other through UPSC examinations and selections. It is IPS Officers who occupy senior positions in Police responsibilities in the country.

There are three stages to be crossed for one to be selected as an IPS Officer. First stage is to go through a preliminary examination which would be of objective type. This is basically a qualifying examination to take up the next levels, comprising of General Studies coupled with an aptitude test. The Main Examination comes in the second stage which encompasses nine papers. The candidate who comes to this level, has to choose two optional papers, besides General Studies, an Essay and Compulsory Language  paper and an English Language paper. After this, a candidate has to face a Personal Interview. Each Indian State has one Cadre for allocation of IPS candidates, while Joint Cadres are administered  in the State groupings, Assam-Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh-Goa-Mizoram-Union Territories and Manipur-Tripura. Between placement of IPS Officers direct and departmental promotion, the ratio has been fixed as 2:1 as per Indian Constitution.
Every Indian State is headed by a Commissioner of Police (State) or a Director General  of Police.  Police department functions under the Chief Minister or the Home Minister in the State. The State Police takes care of the Law and Order situation both in Urban and Rural sections of the State.

Tamilnadu and Maharashtra States have brought in advanced training programmes to Police, having their Police personnel trained in other countries, such as Atlanta City Police in USA. Tamilnadu Police has further established a Police Academy which claims University status in the State. This academy endeavours to give skillsets to Police in fraud investigation and advanced patrol training. When this Institute gets University level recognition Tamilnadu Police will be known as the most advanced Police force in India. Indian Police Services that way endeavour to give good training to their personnel and improve their capabilities. Police in India are covered by the 6th Pay Commission for their pay structure.

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