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Mumbai Police also known as Brihan mumbai Police monitors the city of Mumbai, India. Being one of the most elite forces its prime responsibilities is to maintain peace, curb crime enforce law and order with integrity, and keep a tab on the illegal activities across whole Mumbai. Mumbai Police Department’s motto (“To protect the good and to punish the evil”) has been followed by it virtuoso successful in solving high profile crimes,  uncovering rackets and syndicates, and high stake crimes, but has a reputation to be influenced by local politicians.

Mumbai Police Department is generally headed by Commissioner of Mumbai Police generally an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer.

Mission And Vision

Mumbai Police shall follow the directives of Indian government and the constitution along with the Rule of Law enforcing the same without prejudice with a strong conviction and belief striving hard to create a developing socio-economical society and an intrepid community beneficial to the state.Police of Mumbai remains true to its pledge to keep a fear free environment where justice prevails and a sense of security is prevalent in the society, where communities respect each other’s sentiments, bringing traffic sense and promising a smooth flow, strong and tough action against terrorist anti-social / illicit activities / elements.Mumbai Police strives to serve and protect everyone especially the downtrodden, the weak the weak, women, minorities, senior citizen's, slums dwellers, the poor and other marginalized sections of society. Police of Mumbai tries to provide timely response to all the distress call given by the citizens.

Police of Mumbai promises to keep their personal and institutional honor high, work as a single unit under the Government of India and a continuous upliftment of both the force and personal front.Mumbai Police will work on the mission of making Mumbai a safer and better place to live with the cooperation of the community working in tandem with them.

  • Police Main Control Room 100, 22621855, 22625020
  • SMS your grievance to Mumbai Police on 7738133133 or 7738144144
  • Online Complaints or Feedback to Mumbai Police

Mumbai Cyber Cell

The Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, Crime Branch, C.I.D., Mumbai(CCIC) was inaugurated on 18th December 2000 and it works under the direct control of following superiors.

  1. Mr. Arup Patnaik, Commissioner of Police, Brihan Mumbai.
    • (+91)-022-22620826
    • (+91)-022-22613552
    • (+91)-022- 22621835 (fax)
  2. Mr. Himanshu Roy, Jt. Commissioner of Police (Crime), Mumbai.
    • (+91)-02222620406
    • (+91)-022- 22620557 (fax)
  3. Mr. Deven Bharti, Addl.C.P(Crime)
    • (+91)-022-22621220
  4. Mr.B.N.Shirsath, D. C. P (preventive) C.B., C.I.D., Mumbai
    • (+91)-022-22612090
  5. Mr.Sanjay Jadhav, A.C.P. (Cyber Division), C.B., C.I.D., Mumbai
    • (+91)-022-24691497
    • (+91)-022-26504008
  6. Mr.Mukund Pawar , Inspector of Police, Cyber Crime Investigation Cell,C.B., C.I.D, Mumbai
    • (+91)-022-24691233

Mr.R.A.Sardesai, PI

Mr.S.V.Redkar, API

Cyber Crime Investigation Cell is located at-
Cyber Crime Investigation cell,
Annex III, 1st floor, Office of the Commissioner of Police,
Mumbai - 40001


Tel: +91 - 022 - 24691233

Mumbai Police Recruitment

Police personnel who gets selected through the constabulary examinations enters through the lowest strata with the starting rank of a Police Constable. People who join Mumbai Police through the state examination (Maharashtra state Public Service Commission) get a starting rank of Sub Inspector of Police. Those who join the police force through civil service examination (UPSC) or he IPS exam gets starting rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police in less than 10 years of service. Commissioner of Police for Mumbai holds the rank of Additional Director General of Police Maharashtra also.

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