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Administering the Police force is the responsibility of the respective State, as the Article 246 of India’s Constitution places Police as a State Subject. Therefore, the State Governments and also the Governments of Union territories, make the rules and regulations for Police force, which are published in the Police manual for quick reference by members of Police force and public. The head of the Police force in each State is the Director General of Police, who is responsible for the administration of the State Police force. He is the one who has to advise the Government on Police related matters.

Being the supreme officer of the State Police force, the Director General of Police will supervise the functions of all IPS Officers. The IPS Officers in various positions in turn oversee the functions of those in  upper subordinate ranks such as Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors and Assistant Sub-Inspectors. These upper Subordinates will oversee the activities of the entire Constabulary attached to the State. The large section of Constables will take care of patrolling, guard duties, surveillance, law and order work etc relating to police functions of the State, who are almost 88% of the Police force of each State.

Details of Police forces of India are available in a well prepared booklet called Police Organisation in India, which is a CHRI publication. This book provides all information about  the Police organizational structure , the police hierarchy ,  badges of rank, the Commissionerate working,   the field establishment  and the dual system of control, the code of conduct of Police,  the recruitment and training standards, and the duties of police etc. This booklet also contains  statistical information relating to Police force, which include information such as the ratio of Police force to be detailed for every 10,000 members of population and for every 100 sq km area of living. It also contains information on the growth of women police and police expenditure factors. This publication also presents a number of points on the role of the Central Government in State Police force activities, besides information on the Central para-military forces and about non para-military establishments.

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