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Police of Pune is the embodiment of law and order and is the agency law in the cities of Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra which is a part of Maharashtra Police.Pune Police Commissionerate was founded on 1st July, in the year 1965. Shri. E.S.Modak (IP) was the first Police Commissioner of the Pune Police Commissionerate and Smt. Meeran C. Borvankar was first woman police Commissioner of Pune Police Commissionerate.Safety, Security, Satisfaction (SSS) of Pune citizens is the motto of Police of Pune committing itself for safe and secure Pune.Police of Pune consists of one Commissioner of Police, one Joint Commissioner of Police, four Additional Commissioners of Police, and ten Deputy Commissioners of Police, twenty three Assistant Commissioners of Police, One hundred and thirty five Police Inspectors, five hundred and seventy Assistant Inspectors of Police / Sub Inspectors of Police and more than eight thousand Police Men.

Pune Police Department has been bifurcated into two blocks, South Region and North Region. The monitoring of every region is done by an Additional Police Commissioner. These regions are further bifurcated into two areas, therefore, Pune City is divided into four police zones viz. Zone-1, Zone-2, Zone-3, Zone-4. Every Zone is lead by a Deputy Police Commissioner. These sub-zones are divided further into two or three sub-partitions. These sub-divisions are then monitored by an Assistant Police Commissioner. 9 sub-partitions exist in Pune Police Department. Each sub-partition is further divided into t 3 or 4 Police Stations. Pune Police Commissionerate encompasses, cantonment board of defense (2) Pimpari-Chinchwad Corporation there exist 29 Police Stations. Every station lead by a Senior Inspector of Police. 3 or 4 Police Chowkies are there for every Police Station. Pune Police Department has up to 104 Police Chowkies. Every Police Chowky is lead by an Officer whose rank is API/PSI.

Call In Emergency To Pune City Police

  • Police Control Room - 100
  • Police Exchange - 26122202
  • Helpline for Senior Citizens - 1091
  • Helpline for Women/Children – 26111103

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