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Thiruvananthapuram City Police

The police force of the city of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India is Thiruvananthapuram City Police. Thiruvananthapuram City Police Department is chiefly accountable for enforcing law and investigating under the limits of Thiruvananthapuram.The Police of Thiruvananthapuram is lead by the Commissioner of Thiruvananthapuram, who is an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer.The city is divided into nine circles. At present, there are 17 police stations in the city. White Patrol and mobile units have started operating and their movements are administered by marshal units.

City Police Comprises Of Following Units

  • Law And Order Unit- This unit under Thiruvananthapuram City Police Department comprises of three police subdivisions, ten circles and twenty one police stations. Law and order unit is chiefly accountable for maintaining law and order as well as detection and prevention of crimes.
  • Traffic Unit -This unit under Thiruvananthapuram City Police Department has two subdivisions. This unit is accountable in traffic regulation and enforcement.
  • Control Room -This unit under Thiruvananthapuram City Police is the center for operations of City Police and carries out round the clock patrolling with mobiles fixed to them.
  • District Armed Reserve - This unit acts as the reserve force for Thiruvananthapuram City Police in assisting the Local Police.
  • Narcotics Cell - This unit under the Police of Thiruvananthapuram takes care of managing drugs and narcotics.
  • Crime Detachment - This unit carries out special cases investigation.
  • City Special Branch - This unit imparts inputs of intelligence to City Police.
  • Dog Squad -This unit is charge for the police dog training and their fitness thereof.
  • Mounted Police - This unit is in charge for the police horse training and their fitness thereof.
  • District Crime Records Bureau - This unit maintains all the records about criminals.
  • Foreigners Registration Office - This unit is in charge of maintaining records about all the foreigners under the jursidiction.
  • Tourist Police - Offers help to tourists who are visiting this place.
  • Women Police / Vanitha Cell - Extends help to City Police in the maintenance of law and order, detection and prevention of crime.

Cyber Cell

With the introduction of Computers as a primary tool for Communication, Information Processing, Information Storage, Physical Devices Control, etc., a whole new Cyber Society has taken life. This Cyber society functions in a virtual world produced with the help of Technology and it is the Engineering in Cyber Space that is driving this world. In sustaining co-existence and harmony among people in this Cyber Space, a need for a legal regime has been recognized and Cyber laws were passed. Cyber Laws are the primary laws in the Cyber Society and hence pose implications on many aspects in Cyber Society such as Governance, Business, Crimes, Entertainment, Information Delivery, Education etc. 

Information Technology Act And Indian Penal Code

All cyber crimes do not come under the IT Act. Many cyber crimes come under the Indian Penal Code.

  • Sending threatening messages by email -Section 506 IPC
  • Sending defamatory messages by email -Section 499 IPC
  • Forgery of electronic record -Section 465 IPC
  • Bogus websites, cyber frauds-Section 420 IPC
  • Email spoofing - Section 465, 419 IPC
  • Web-jacking   -Section 383 IPC
  • Online sale of narcotics - NDPS Act
  • Online sale of weapons - Arms Act
  • Hacking - Section 66 IT Act
  • Pornography  - Section 67 IT Act
  • Email bombing- Section 66 IT Act
  • Denial of Service attacks - Section 43 IT Act
  • Virus attacks  -Section 43, 66 IT Act
  • Salami attacks - Section 66 IT Act
  • Logic bombs   - Section 43, 66 IT Act

Emergency Numbers Of Thiruvananthapuram City Police

  • Police- 100
  • Police Crime Stopper- 1090
  • Women Helpline – 1091
  • Child Line- 1098

Send SMS to DIG and Commissioner of Thiruvananthapuram City Police: +919497996991

Online Complaints To Thiruvananthapuram City Police

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