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The single largest police force in the whole world is Uttar Pradesh Police. This is due to the fact that Uttar Pradesh police will have to watch over an area of 236286 square kilometers and assisting more than 16.60 crores of population. The Uttar Pradesh police Director General has to lead a force which has more than 1.70 lacs personnel who are spread across 70 districts, 31 armed battalions and other distinctive departments which include Intelligence, Anti-corruption, Investigation, Forensic Science, etc.

The Structure Of Uttar Pradesh Police Department Consists Of 8 Organizations Such As:

  • Provincial Police
  • Government Railway Police
  • Municipal Police
  • Cantonment Police
  • Town Police
  • Rural and Road Police
  • Canal Police
  • Barkandaj Guard

Police of Uttar Pradesh had very well functioned in controlling the crime rate and in the sustenance of law and order in the state. The police of Uttar Pradesh was highly appreciated For this trait and was also honored with Colors on 13th November 1952 by the then Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Uttar Pradesh police department from then on is upholding peace and communal balance in the state and thereby cultivating secured feeling among the citizens.Uttar Pradesh police is putting an emphasis to modernize areas such as training, technology like computers, telecommunications, forensic science, latest gadgets, modern weapons, new vehicles, etc. which has strengthening their services to the society and now people can feel more relaxed and comfortable during the presence of Police of Uttar Pradesh.These days Uttar Pradesh police force has been segregating itself into the following departments so that it can improve its capacity for crime detection and prevention.

  • DGP headquarters
  • Police headquarters
  • State Crime Record Bureau
  • Crime Investigation Departments
  • Prosecution
  • Finger Print Bureau
  • Traffic Directorate
  • Human Rights and many more.

Organisation Structure

Organization Structure

Uttar Pradesh Recruitment

After the recruitment of 35,000 constables, the largest recruitment drive ever in Uttar Pradesh which received a accolade from the Union Home Ministry for being transparant, the Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board is getting ready for a record setting recruitment drive of 10,000 Sub-Inspectors in the coming month.Uttar Pradesh Police Department will be recruiting such a huge number of SIs for the first time. A large number of S-Is who were recruited in one go was 1,800 in the year 1981, 1982 and 1983 in the past.The recruitment is plan of the government to strengthen the Police of Uttar Pradesh by recruiting up to 2.25 lakh policemen, consisting of 25,000 Head Constables, 40,000 SIs and the remaining constables. Currently, Uttar Pradesh has 15,000 SIs. There is a need to recruit 40,000 police personnel.

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Uttar Pradesh Contact Details

People can send their Complaints, Grievances and Vital Information which helps in the prevention of Crime to the Director General of Police UP headed by Inspector General of Police, Complaint Cell through email. Mails can be sent at 1-B.N. Lahiri Marg/Tilak Marg Lucknow for prompt action on the following Email Address-

Uttar Pradesh Police Important Number

StateRank/UnitPhone Nos.
Uttar PradeshHQ PHQ ALD9454400111
Uttar PradeshH/W PHQ ALD9454400156
Uttar PradeshP&B PHQ ALD9454400180
Uttar PradeshHQ PHQ ALD9454400225
Uttar PradeshDIG EST PHQ ALD9454400232
Uttar PradeshESTT PHQ ALD9454400324
Uttar PradeshHQ PHQ ALD9454400396
Uttar PradeshFC PHQ ALD9454401000
Uttar PradeshSr.AO PHQ ALD9454401001
Uttar PradeshKARMIC PHQ ALD9454401197
Uttar PradeshPHQ ALD9454401198
Uttar PradeshDSPHQ 1st PHQ ALD9454401791
Uttar PradeshDSPHQ 2nd PHQ ALD9454401792
Uttar PradeshDSP(E) 1st PHQ ALD9454401793
Uttar PradeshDSP(E) 2nd PHQ ALD9454401794
Uttar PradeshL/C PHQ ALD9454401795
Uttar PradeshDSP H/W PHQ ALD9454401873
Uttar PradeshCUG COMPLAINT CELL9454401880
Uttar PradeshPHQ I9454402001
Uttar PradeshPHQ II9454402002
Uttar PradeshPHQ MOD CELL9454402003
Uttar PradeshPHQ IV9454402004
Uttar PradeshPHQ V9454402005
Uttar PradeshPHQ VI9454402006
Uttar PradeshPHQ VII9454402007
Uttar PradeshPHQ CUG ASST.9454402008
Uttar PradeshPHQ IX9454402009
Uttar PradeshPHQ X9454402010
Uttar PradeshPHQ XI9454402011
Uttar PradeshPHQ XII9454402012
Uttar PradeshPHQ XIII9454402013
Uttar PradeshPHQ IT CELL9454402014
Uttar PradeshPHQ XV9454402015
Uttar PradeshPHQ III/A9454402016
Uttar PradeshPHQ III/B9454402017
Uttar PradeshPHQ XVIII9454402018
Uttar PradeshPHQ XIX9454402019
Uttar PradeshPHQ XII/A9454402020
Uttar PradeshPHQ XXI9454402021

DGP Head Quarters:

StateRank/UnitPhone Nos.
Uttar PradeshDGP9454400101
Uttar PradeshADG9454400112
Uttar PradeshADG9454400113
Uttar PradeshIG9454400146
Uttar PradeshIG9454400148
Uttar PradeshIG9454400152
Uttar PradeshIG9454400155
Uttar PradeshIG9454400162
Uttar PradeshIG9454400163
Uttar PradeshDGP9454400181
Uttar PradeshADG9454400182
Uttar PradeshIG9454400183
Uttar PradeshAddl.SP9454401144
Uttar PradeshAddl.SP9454401145
Uttar PradeshAddl.SP9454401146
Uttar PradeshAddl.SP9454401147
Uttar PradeshAddl.SP9454401148

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