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The West Bengal Police was founded under the requirements of the Police Act 1861 during the British Raj. Its head is an officer designated a Director General of Police who reports through the home (Police) department to the State Government.

West Bengal Police Mission And Vision:

The West Bengal Police Department is a government organization who pledges and has an administrative responsibility to defend law and order and safeguard life and property of people of Bihar. The West Bengal police department ensures through the Police Officers to regulate law and order enforcing and preserving laws, upon the directives of Indian Government so that the Crime rate remains minimal criminal gangs are discouraged.

Aims And Objectives Of The West Bengal Police

The aims and objectives of Police of West Bengal are to enforce the law to keep order for prevention of crime and serve justice to the needed and harried. Community and people play an active role as an extension to the police of West Bengal to bring about peace and harmony and communal wellbeing.

West Bengal Police Recruitment

West Bengal Police recruitment takes place every year which is notified, the test consists of both written tests, physical and interviews. Current vacancies are for Constables / Lady Constables where appointing authorities are Superintendents of Police / Commandants posts to keep the transparency.

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Organization Structure

Organization Structure

West Bengal Police Important Telephone Numbers

  • Control Room -PBX: 222154115417
  • D.G. Control -Tel: 22215486/4031

Police Directorate West Bengal

  • DG & IG -Tel: 22145400
  • Addl.Dg & IG (Admn.)-Tel: 22144038
  • Addi.DG (Plng)-Tel: 22145009
  • ADG & MD-Tel: 22829895
  • IG (O)-Tel: 22144044
  • IG (H.Q.)-Tel: 22143406
  • IG (Welfare)-Tel: 24398240
  • IG (L & O)-Tel: 22145401
  • Spl. IG & DIG (H.Q.)-Tel: 22145088
  • Spl. IG(P & W)-Tel: 22144041
  • Spl. IG & DIG(O)-Tel: 22145537
  • Spl. IG(Admn)-Tel: 22145009
  • Spl. IG & DIG (Personal)-Tel: 22144778
  • DIG (Industrial Grievances)-Tel: 24484507
  • Spl. IG (M&C) -Tel: 22144416
  • AIG (S)-Tel: 22144042
  • IG (Prisons)-Tel: 22144794


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